Intranet, extranet, Internet programming

We offer professional programming solutions for intranet/extranet/Internet (server-side) applications, as well as for standalone (client-side) applications. We are a flexible company, with a lot of experience and many contacts both in this industry and in the related industries. We have small internal costs, which translates to very competitive prices, and we can get involved in projects of any magnitude, in terms of both diversity and volume.


For more than ten years we've been implementing software solutions for our customers' most diverse needs:

  • intranet applications, used by thousands of employees of various multinationals across Europe;
  • specialized, computing-intensive and database-intensive applications (reporting, synthesis, linear programming, etc.);
  • specialized applications for specific needs (inventory, e-mail processing, electronic document repositories etc.);
  • generic, public applications (online shopping infrastructure, generic websites etc.);
  • both public and private portals for NGOs and multinationals;
  • related services (web hosting, DNS hosting, domain registration etc.).

Depending on the customer's IT resources and the project's context, we can implement a local solution (using your existing infrastructure) or a complete solution (we start from a given challenge, described by a manager, and we take care of all the technical aspects.)

In addition, we integrate our services with our partners to offer complete solutions for the following:

  • corporate identity (logo design, generic print design, etc.);
  • video production and post-production, broadcast quality;
  • printing banners and billboards.