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vCard Generator, QR Code Generator, Data Matrix generator

This is an online generator for vCard files, and QR Code and Data Matrix images. These are digital business card formats, typically used to simplify contact information retrieval for mobile devices.

Background on the vCard, QR Code and Data Matrix formats

Data in the vCard format is stored in a plain text file which is formatted according to the vCard specification; these files typically use the .vcf extension. The vCard files are properly recognized by the vast majority of applications and mobile devices.

Data in the QR Code and Data Matrix format is shown as an image (both are two-dimensional barcodes, as opposed to the one-dimensional barcode printed on most consumer goods). Many mobile devices are able to scan and interpret QR Codes and Data Matrix codes. These barcodes can store any kind of data, from arbitrary text to structured data such as geographical positioning data and contact information. Contact information displayed in the QR Code and/or Data Matrix formats allow users to scan the data directly into the mobile device without having to manually transcribe it.

If you plan to use these formats on a web site, the ideal implementation is to link to the vCard file in the mobile version of the site (so users can download the file directly into the mobile device) and display the QR Code and/or Data Matrix image on the regular version of the website (so users can scan them on the computer screen directly into their mobile device).

If you only have one version of the web site for both mobile users and computers you can include both formats one next to each other (the QR Code and/or Data Matrix image and a link to the vCard file).

Regardless of your option, please note you should include a human-readable format for the contact information besides the vCard and/or QR Code/Data Matrix data. For example you can compare the Moongate contact page for mobile devices to the default version (we chose to only show the QR code on our contact page, but your needs might vary).


Please fill in the contact information you want to publish into the form below.

Please consider enabling JavaScript for this page; it's not mandatory, but it's useful for some warnings.
IMPORTANT: If you intend to use the QR Code or Data Matrix format you should only fill in the most relevant fields!

Both the QR Code and the Data Matrix formats are adaptive: the more data they contain, the larger the resulting image and the more difficult it is to scan. The form below sports a lot of fields so you can create electronic business cards for any purpose, both personal (blogs, personal websites) and lucrative (company website) — but that doesn't mean you have to fill in all the fields.

The only mandatory fields are those related to the name (at least one of the following has to be filled in: First name, Last name, Full name.)
If you want to generate a proper vCard file according to the specification you must simultaneously fill in the Full name field and at least one of First name or Last name.

However, please be advised that most devices ignore the Full name field, since they use the user's preferences to display it (either "first name, last name" or "last name, first name"). Although mandatory according to the vCard standard, explicitly including the Full name field can lead to an excessive amount of information to be stored in the QR Code and the Data Matrix, which might make them difficult to scan for most mobile devices. As such you are free to decide between generating a strictly correct vCard according to the specification or generating a more economical version.

If the QR Code or Data Matrix generated from the data you fill in is difficult to scan you will be notified explicitly in the next page and you will have the opportunity to revise the data.

e.g. Mrs, Mr, Prof, Eng
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e.g. Esq, M.D.
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e.g. CEO, Programmer
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