Public projects

Throughout the years we have initiated and supported a number of public projects. This page contains a selection of the most representative among them. Logo [RO] is the most cost-effective Romanian online shop for Arduino and compatible boards, Raspberry Pi, shields, modules, accessories and other components. Teguna is our own online shop. Logo [RO] is a Romanian language educational project, initiated and supported by Moongate. intends to become the educational counterpart of the encyclopedic projects out there. Where an ecyclopedic project attempts to offer exhaustive information on a topic, attempts to offer an intuitive approach to the same topic, and/or an article conductive to personal experimentation. Logo [RO]

Moongate provides pro bono hosting and technical expertise for, the Romanian free legal encyclopedia, written by volunteers and created by an inter-institutional group which includes The Superior Council of Magistracy, The High Court of Cassation and Justice, The Public Ministry, The Ministry of Justice, The National Association of the Romanian Bars, The National Union of Notaries Public from Romania, Uniunea Naţională a Executorilor Judecătoreşti din România, Institutul Naţional al Magistraturii, The National School of Clerks, Institutul Naţional pentru Pregătirea şi Perfecţionarea Avocaţilor, Institutul Notarial Român, Centrul Naţional de Pregătire şi Perfecţionare a Executorilor Judecătoreşti, Institutul Bancar Român. Logo [RO] is a disposable e-mail service. The approach is deliberately spartan (the elaborate home page is a joke, everything beyond that point is bare bones HTML). The users don't have to register in any way, and we provide a simple service in return. We think that's the most honest approach to a service which ultimately is only about providing anonymity.

QR Code/vCard Generator Logo

Electronic business card generator [EN]

The QR Code/vCard generator is an online application that generates electronic business cards in vCard format, along with the associated barcode representation in QR Code and Data Matrix formats. All formats can be hot linked on the Moongate server or downloaded for local use. These formats simplify retrieving your contact information on mobile devices by automating the process of transcribing phone numbers, e-mail addresses and other contact information from your website to your visitors' mobile devices.

octave-daemon logo

Network server for Octave [EN]

Octave-daemon is a network server for GNU Octave. This project is only interesting for programmers.

Converter Logo

Converter [EN]

The Converter is the Firefox extension for contextual unit conversion, timezone conversion and currency conversion. The Converter is being used by tens of thousands of people on a daily basis.

PHPLog Logo

PHPlog [EN]

PHPlog is an open source log file monitoring solution written in PHP. A venerable project by Internet's standards (first release in 2002, the most recent in 2008), PHPlog is robust and flexible enough that it's still being downloaded in 2010. Logo [EN] is the server-side version of the Converter, meant to be used by content creators (web site owners, bloggers, forum administrators, etc.). Maintaining the Edget code in parallel with the Converter is a constant challenge. Logo [RO] is an entertaining collection of literal translations of usual expressions to and from Romanian. Users can add new expressions (with their own creative translation), they can vote on existing translations, they can comment on them and they can subscribe for e-mail notifications.