We are offering a range of our own programming and design services, plus an extended range of services we can provide by integrating our solutions with solutions by some of our partners. Please contact us for any details.


Our philosophy regarding programming is to start from your specific needs and find ways to satisfy them, regardless of the technologies involved. We generally prefer working on a LAMP platform, with the application hosted on a server (either in-house or external, e.g. ours); in this case, the users interact with the application using a web browser. Depending on the project's specific requirements we may end up using any number of technologies to reach an optimal balance between usability and accessibility (JavaScript, Adobe Flash, AJAX, etc.).

On the other hand, there are those situations when an application necessarily needs to run on a Windows platform, for various reasons. In those cases we can implement native Windows applications, using Microsoft's .NET framework.

Related services

Our customers can benefit of all the services related to the practical deployment of the applications we develop:

  • Counselling and assistance for domain name registration.
  • DNS hosting.
  • Web site hosting, server-side application hosting, mirroring and/or download site for client-side applications.
  • Maintenance and backup services for all services we host.
  • Long term maintenance and support for our applications, regardless of where they are being hosted.


By coordinating with our partners we can satisfy all your needs related to corporate identity, advertising and promotion:

  • logo design;
  • design for any kind of print (business cards, letterheads, leaflets, sales aids, etc.);
  • design and programming for any kind of digital promotional means (web sites, promotional CDs/DVDs, etc.);
  • video production and post-processing for any purpose (TV advertising, promo movies, etc.);
  • banner and billboard prints for any purposes (from banners for internal events to large outdoor billboards);
  • integrating any combination of technologies within our offer (e.g. producing videos for online advertising, web-based kiosk applications, etc.).