Moongate UTF-8 Binary Dump

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You can use this page to dump any Unicode (UTF-8) text in a regular file on your computer. First make sure you use a Unicode-compliant browser and operating system (all modern browsers and operating systems are, but you should make sure before actually using the results of this page in production) on our test page. Please be aware that if the compliance test doesn't work right, the results of this page are unpredictable, and most certainly erroneous, so don't blame us if you end up with a mangled file in that case.

After testing, just copy/paste the Unicode text you want dumped in the text box below, and click on "Submit Text". Depending on your proximity to the server and the server load, after a while you'll get a download dialog--your file is ready for download, so just download as usual. You'll end up with a local regular binary file, properly encoded in Unicode, and with Unix-style line separators, regardless of the operating system you're using, which you can then use in any *nix environment.

If you encounter any problems or have any suggestions regarding this service, please drop us a line below! If you expect a reply, please make sure to include an e-mail address. We won't subscribe you to any mailing list or make your e-mail public in any way.

You can also use the file upload below to perform the reverse operation, uploading a binary file and get it transformed into UTF8 (pick the file, click on 'Convert file' and you'll get its contents in UTF8 in the text box.

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